the Sportcenter Donaucity is featured as location for different commercial shootings

we know that a well-made advertisement or movie segment needs a lot of preperation.
  • parking possibilites for vans, production vehicles or busses inside of area/close to filming location
  • power current for equipment/catering
  • rooms for make up, catering, retreat
  • self driving manlift
  • motif agreement
  • we know that not everything can be planned in advance and that flexibility is often needed.

Referenzen (Auszug)

Tausend Rosen, Swiss national football team , VW

David Alaba,
Adidas adizero F50

Hitradio Ö3 and the Red Cross
Team Österreich TV Spot

Bank Austria, Bet&Win, Edi & Adi 2008, Intersport, Kommisar Rex, Oberbank, UPC mit Robert Kratky, VW