Tennisgruppe 1-5

Tennis im Freien (c) Sportcenter Donaucity 2021

Here we go again…

The lockdown from November 22nd means following regulations

  • X no indoor sports. (No tennis, football, fitness, etc indoors.)
  • X no football
  • tennis outdoors on clay possible!
  • Changing rooms are closed
  • Toilets are open
  • keep a 2m distance to other guests
  • all restrictions according to government decisions.

Who and how?

  • alone,
  • with persons from the same household,
  • with one’s partner (not from same household possible),
  • close relatives (parents, children and brothers or sisters),
  • other close persons
  • all restrictions according to government decisions. More information:  Sportaustria.

Tennis outdoors on clay

Get your beanie and your mittens…tennis outdoor (depending on weather conditions) daily until 22:00!

prices (60 min)
outdoor tennis
7:00 – 17:00 15 €
other times, holidays, weekends 18 €


call: 01 269 96 30