Bubble Soccer im Spoercenter Donaucity
(c) ORF II, Screenshot “heute konkret” 21.4.2017

Bubble Soccer Pregernig
Bubble Football pioneer Oliver Pregernig (c) ORF II, Screenshot “heute konkret” 21.4.2017

To all the people who think that “normal” football lacks the special kick: Bubble football could be just your cup of tea.

Chasing the ball is no longer a decent challenge for you and your opponents produce blatant dives at the slightest tackle? You on the other hand would love to be on collision course with the opposing team and let your inner Hulk out without actually getting arrested afterward?

If you would like to combine football with rugby, give Bubble Soccer a try. Physical contact is allowed and nobody gets (seriously) hurt.

The lads of Bubble Sports  offer Bubble Soccer in the Sportcenter. Be it birthday party, bachelor party, business event or just for fun; you can play outside or inside – just arrange your appointment directly at bubblesports.at.

ORF II “heute konkret” made a broadcast about the new fun sport – here is the link (time limited availability) : ORF – Bubble Football.